App stopped responding revisited


I’ve a project running on a rpi 3+ and with a local server for few years without any issues that could not been solved.

The project consists of reading the status of several DPDT relays which 1/2 of each are wired to pullup resistors sending a LOW /HIGH signal to the board. This part works among other feedbacks from the board, cpu temp, cpu use, etc.

The second part of the project consists of controlling SPST relays, this part fails. So, the app connects, recognizes the user and receives the data but doesn’t send it out.

The rpi is up to date and rebooting doesn’t solve the issue.

I don’t have access to the board right now but if I’m sure I’ve it running with the latest local server version and if not, it’s the one preceding it.

The question is, is anyone being experiencing this type of problem?


Solved by powering off the board. A simple reboot didn’t help :man_shrugging:t2:Will monitoring the board just in case the problem will reproduce.