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Hello Blynk,
How can i make my app stand alone ?
as Release version

I consider a stand-alone app to be a form of “sharing”. I’ll attempt to address the topic in general.

I assume you’re familiar with the Blynk Pricing Plan. There are three Subscription Models starting at $249 / month and,


I assume you’re familiar with the (free) Blynk App Preview,

The Blynk App Preview is actually quite nice. It supports Blynk.Inject (dynamic provisioning) and Blynk.Faces (multiple projects per app and UI updates). The major shortcoming is dynamically provisioned devices are invalidated in regenerating the Preview. Unfortunately, you can’t share a Blynk App Preview.

I assume you’re familiar with Blynk Sharing. There are two forms of Blynk Sharing,

  1. Shared access to your hardware
  2. Share your Project configuration

Option #1 allows you to share your project with one or more “sharees”,


Your project must be running on your smart device in order for sharees to access it. Sharees can access your project without logging into a Blynk account. This option supports the equivalent of Blynk.Faces in that sharees will immediately see updates to your project. This option only works with the devices associated with your project. Sharees can’t associate their own devices with your project.
Consequently, this option does not support Blynk.Inject (for the sharees).

@DrDigital has developed an approach based on Option #1 that gives his “customers” (friends and family) an App for his Project to access their hardware with the “equivalent of” Blynk.Inject, Blynk.Faces and Blynk.Air. The downside is his approach is rather “hands-on”. However, kudos to @DrDigital for his creativity.

Option #2 allows someone to create a copy (clone) of your project. The person cloning your Project must have the needed Energy Balance. There’s no “link” between the original and cloned projects. There’s no “programmatic” way of updating the clone to reflect changes to the original. The two projects must be maintained independently.

Maybe other Community Members have developed approaches to giving friends and family an App for a Project to access their own hardware with dynamic provisioning and remote app UI and device firmware updates? Possibly using WifiManager or AutoConnect?

There’s an idea on the Blynk Roadmap to Allow app exporting for personal use.


Others will chime in if I missed anything …


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