App Sharing Beta is ready for Android

Hey Blynkers,

This might be the most exciting announcement since our launch!

You’ve built so many cool projects with Blynk, we are amazed! But what’s the point of keeping them for yourself only? Wouldn’t it be great to share your amazing work with others?

From now on you are able to share the “Apps" you’ve made with Blynk with your family, friends or even customers.

As everything else made @ Blynk Garage Lab, it’s super easy, fast and it looks like magic.

You have the full control over the shared access:

  • people you’ve shared your project with can’t modify anything. They can only use it.
  • you can update your app, change the layout, add widgets and it’s immediately synced to everyone.
  • you can revoke access at any moment

How it works:

  • SImply distribute the QR code to other people (you can email, print, post to social media, do whatever you want)
  • Other people just download Blynk app, scan the code and…BOOM! - your app magically opens for them and it’s ready to use. They don’t even need to login or create an account.

Using local Blynk server may significantly increase the speed.

Beta version is now available for Android users (iOS version is in the development) and it’s free for 30 days. After that, it will be a paid service. Kickstarter backers will get it for free.

Please keep in mind, that this is still an experimental feature with some limitations. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas. We hope you’ll help us with catching some bugs as well :wink:

Please update your apps now.


@Pavel small notes and questions.

  • what about give a time limited access , means share my Dashboard with particular user for 2 Days only , one week or 2 hours.
  • is it possible to show how many users the Dashboard shared with.
  • can i revoke the access to the shared dashboard to particular user or i have to revoke for all.
  • is any way to check my dashboard usage by others like user XX last action was on Date Y and Time Z.(sorry you said no need to login so we can’t track user actions)

sorry for the long list

This is awesome, thank you guys!! I duped my project to several people, but often had the problems of people messing with the settings, etc. This is the way Blynk should work - keep it up!

All this are separate features. Sharing itself took a lot of time. So we cut off all unnecessary stuff. And everything from list above we discussed and have in our mind. It will not be done in nearest future, but it will.

good to hear that , as usual we will keep watching the updates and progress of Blynk