App not start with the correct sub organization

App blynk on cell phone star with the root organization, but the user and device is set to a sub organization, so when I start the app ther are any device, and I need to go the side menu, clik in the name of main organization, and after clik in “switch to main organization”, so qthe correct name of sub organization appear and cevice too.
But it is happening every time a stat the app, how do I set to start with the corret sub organization and showing the device on first screem?

Android or iOS?
App version?


Android, version 1.7.1 (100), blynk pro account




Hi, can you send logs from your device? Side menu → About → Send Logs → Gmail → Send

I have just sent it by email safu74

video of the issue:


Does it happen all the time? From logs, I see that this happened after you logged out from one account and signed in another one. Does the issue persists after switching the organization in last account?

yes, it persist, every time I start the app it is necessary to change the organization to view the own device

We are investigating logs. Are you starting the app from some shortcut (for example, a device shortcut)?

you are right, the problem is start the app by a device shortcut, so I test starting direct from blynk app and it is everything fine.

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