App label shows enum [i-1]

Hello. I have found following issue. Created enum datastream and put labels on both Web dashboard and mobile Android App. When HW updates integer value of this datastream Web dashboard shows correct enum label while Android App shows label that corresponds to value-1. When I lock-unlock screen, reload , app shows correct label untill next hw udpate, then again value-1. This behaves the same for me on both Value Display and Labeled Value widget.

Can somebody reproduce that?

Hi, thanks for the report

Can you share your enum datastream set up?

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Hi Adam,

I don’t see an outcome for the value -1 in your datastreams settings. Please clarify, are you sending a value for which there is no outcome in the settings of the datastreams?

Dmitriy from Blynk

Hello. By the [i-1] I meant that I see label that correspond to value which is -1 lower. For ex: for 2, I see label for 1. On the web widget it is correct, only in mobile app.


Please send application logs after reproducing the bug. You can do this in the menu: about - send logs.

Dmitriy from Blynk

We are releasing 1.7.3 version, this bug should be fixed in it