App is no longer available, can't login with my credentials

app is no longer available,
can’t login with my credentials
Hey guys what is going on?
Can’t login, can’t restore password, do not see any support link in app or web site.
Where is my project ? I spent some money and time to create it and I still need it.
Can you help me with this?
My account is registered with

Mykola Maistrenko

How long since you last logged-in?


About half an year or so. System got some issue with motor. I’m in other country now and couldn’t fix it. So it hasn’t been working that time. In 2 weeks I will fix it and want continue to use my heliosystem.

It needs one of the Blynk team, maybe @Dmitriy, to take a look at the cloud servers and see if your project still exists.
What country were you in when you created the project?


I was in Ukraine. Have I contact @Dmitry directly for this?

Hi. I from Ukraine too, and my project now is offline. The hardware was not connected during 1 years. May I restore connection for my project?