App download not available

Since yesterday blynk app stopped working and now I even cant download latest version.When trying to find it on playstore it says not compatible with your device or not available in my country.Is there regional limitations? Tried on two device with android 4.4 and 5.1



Hi, we have not added any limitations. Can you provide models of your devices - I will check in Play console why the app is not available for them. It should be available to install, at least Play Store should provide you with latest installed version.

Samsung j5 Lenovo a820

From Lenovo A820 - only Lenovo A820t is supported
From Samsung J5 - all are supported.


Republic of Georgia
Yes everything worked fine for years, but now…

Hm, we have no ideas how the app became not available in Georgia. We just changed it back, please check now or later, if it is still not available.

Yes its back now, installed succesfully
thanks for help

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I have the same error in Georgia again

Your device model and OS version?

I’ve rechecked: the app is available to all countries except Russia and Belarus