App development question

New to Blynk - just installed it on my tiny smart phone.
Can I develop an App on a Wifi capable tablet with a 10 inch screen size and run it on a small 4.3" smart phone? I guess I am asking will the screen layout auto resize to a smaller screen or for that mater a larger screen.

Hello. Yes you can.

Thank you very much Dmitry,

Glad to know that the projects widgets will auto resize to the size of the display.

another thing, there is no auto rotate in blynk app, only vertical usage on every device, you should consider this when designing your project.

@wanek – Thanks that is a Great thing to know. Maybe in a future release auto rotate will become available. Blynk is a very powerful GUI. I stll have lots to learn.

actually, since i use blynk, i think i never had a situation where i wished for horizontal screen.

after you get used with the idea that there is no screen rotation, it is really simple, elegant and clean gui, one of the best i’ve ever seen :wink: