App Connections management trouble

Use the new Blink iot app. I can’t figure out how to track the fact of entering / exiting the application by the device. BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED function does not work. In the old application, it was necessary to enable notification data in the settings, but in the new application I did not find such an opportunity.

It’s no longer supported.

Are there other ways to react to the device when the user logs into the application?

No. Could you please tell us your use case?

In the application being developed, there is no need to send data constantly. And I would like to be able to send data only during the period of using the application.
Internet at the place of application of the device from the gsm modem. esp is connected to the modem via wifi. esp uses a built-in camera to photograph an object so that the user can remotely control the execution of commands

I see. We removed it as it was a rarely used feature. Maybe we’ll return it at some point.

I would like to request that APP CONNECTED & DISCONNECTED are reinstated.
I have various devices using PAYG sims where I need to see a lot of data every 2 seconds when viewing the APP. To send this data every 2 seconds 24 hours per day will add to my running costs of these devices. At present these devices are using legacy Blynk and I am in the process of migrating to V2.0.

These devices will still need to do a heartbeat handshake with Blynk to know whether the app is connected to the server, so a simple solution would be to use a button in the app (maybe set to Push mode) which only sends the data to the server when the button is in the On position.


I have changed my code so that any interaction with the app such as a button pressed increases the data transfer rate to every two seconds then after 5 minutes the data rate switches back to my default of every 10 minutes. I did think about using a ‘wake up’ button but decided against it for my applications. I have had HEART BEAT set to 30 seconds on the Blynk V0.1 version and find that the daily data costs are minimal. I understand the developers need to decide what is & isn’t important for the new version. I had just wanted to give my vote to keep the ability to be able to run some processes when the APP connects.

Thanks. Noted. I tried to return this feature, but it appears it’s not that simple with the new model, so It will take more time.