APP Connected or Disconnected

I have attempted to understand if Blynk 2.0 is going to have - or already does have the Legacy BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED and BLYNK_APP_DISCONNECTED functions. They are still exist in the BlynkHandlers.H file.
While there are “other approaches” - I often want to shift the data being sent - or change the rate it is being sent at - depending on whether the USER is viewing it real-time - vs just looking at historical data. There are lots of examples - which I could state - but think everyone understands the potential.

Again apologies if this was buried in the Forum somewhere.

Thanks again for Blynk

PS: I also understand that we have both Mobile App and Web App - would not matter to me if they were combined or independent functions.


Yea I was kinda expecting that - Bummer. Will have to figure another solution. I just do not require all the data to be sent if I am not actively using it.

So Has this been put into the “Hey Would Really Be Cool” Pile of requests?

Thanks for the support

Personally, I think that the reason it’s been dropped is that it just doesn’t fit that well into the new Blynk IoT structure.
The web console is a new addition that complicates things, and so is the organisational hierarchy and device ownership system.

Can you imagine how it would work with a 500 device and 500 user subscription, with these users being able to use both the app and the web console?
Of course it could be done, with the ability to monitor whether the dashboard for one device is open on either the app or the web console, but that’s a lot of work just to reduce the data usage for your single device.


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OK - understand thanks for clarifying - gives me a viewpoint I had not considered.

Wonder if something could be easily created as a “unique widget” vs being strictly automatic (as it had been). Hmmmm

Well for now I am going to put a “I’m Here” button in the app to shift the data rate.

Again thanks for all the support.

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@Jim3 hello. This feature was dropped due to multiple reasons:

  1. It was a rarely used feature
  2. With web intorduced it would also require support of BLYNK_WEB_CONNECTED/BLYNK_WEB_DISCONNECTED
  3. Taking into account organizations, permissions, roles it would be very hard and complex feature
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