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Hello, I have questions about publishing the blynk app with my brand:

  1. when I create the application, when published it will be exactly the same for all users, or is there any way in the app to have the option of creating accounts, as well as widget changes and widget routes made by me developer?
  2. If so, can these changes be made at the hardware level, also thinking about each user having access to the server through a token per user?

Hello. You can control the widget appearance with Pages and with setProperty (isHidden, isDisabled) feature.

Hello @Dmitriy Dmitriy, maybe I wasn’t clear, I ask if I publish an app via blynk, will it only be the way I designed it initially, or can I change it for each user who downloads my app?

Your question was pretty clear. It will be the way you designed it initially. However, Blynk app editor is very flexible, so even if the layout is done and published, you can still change it via setProperty and by manipulating Pages index to show the desired screen for the particular user.

However, if you want every user to have it’s own, pretty unique design (and pages, setProperty not enough). It’s something else and it’s possible under the Business plan. In that case you can design specific layout for every use case you have.

After reading your initial post one more time, I think this doc will help you - Template Quick Setup - Blynk Documentation. If you have 5 different layouts, you can created 5 different templates, and every user will see it’s own layout based on the template.

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