App Blynk 2.0 cannot connect to the local server

I’m using Blynk 2.0 for my project. I’ve uploaded the code, but the SSID is different from the code. In the serial monitor, the SSID is Blynk Security Alarm System-5C1AC, but on my phone is ESP-9C515D. This is the reason why my app cannot connect to the local server.

I’ve uploaded the blynk edgent code from the ESP8266 NodeMCU; the SSID given in the serial monitor is different from the SSID of the NodeMCU is giving. I cannot configure via app cause I cannot connect to the NodeMCU


This is from my phone, showing the SSID of the NodeMCU.

This occurs after I pressed the flash button for 10sec. Back then it is working fine.


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Same to me :grimacing: :sleepy:

Read this post, and the next few posts in the topic…

The project name is too long.


Thanks Pete! This is solved now!