App and cloud issue

Hello Blynk
What’s the issue with Blynk cloud and Blynk app cannot open the app and cloud too ? It’s looks like my all devices are offline

Hello, @Huzefamaz1. According to your screenshot you are using a mobile browser. Blynk does not support mobile browsers. Please use mobile App or browser in PC.


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Thanks For reply Sir I use my laptop too same issue it was not working for few minutes Blynk cloud and mobile app too can you check your side today there ay issue with your server ?

@Huzefamaz1 As long as I remember, You use server

Server is worked


Yesterday there was a deployment of servers. Try clearing the cache in your browser. Also please try use

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Ok thanks I will clear that cache
but the mobile app too not working for few minutes can I know what cause of mobile app not working? I taken the screen recording but can’t able to attached

@Huzefamaz1 As far as I remember you are using android. Perhaps this is due to the deployment of the server, the version of the application was also updated. Please try uninstalling and installing the app again

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Ok Thanks

@Huzefamaz1 do you still have the issue? There actually was a problem with the sgp server that we fixed ~7-8 hours ago. At the moment there is no know issues.

What ping shows?

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Now there is no issue
As you know I have pro plan and we allready selling our products customer complain that the app having issue not able see the device ,then I will check my mobile too same Issue and too cannot open ,
If next time do you find any issue or your going to updates anything please can you email us ?

@Huzefamaz1 These are very rare cases. Don’t worry. If you have problems, write immediately


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Post in community is it?


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Ok thanks