API + IFTTT Platform


I have seen a lot of posts on here in regards to connecting to IFTTT, but I am wondering if anyone can explain if it is possible to properly connect to IFTTT through their Platform, and not through webhooks.

There are a couple of items that stand out in the documentation:

  1. Endpoint paths

Endpoints are scoped to the current version of the IFTTT Service Protocol by appending your API URL prefix with /ifttt/v1 for all requests.

  1. Authentication using Oath2

The full documentation can be found here: https://platform.ifttt.com/docs/api_reference

I am just wondering if it is possible to connect the two services.

Thanks i advance for any help you can provide.

What exactly do you mean by “Platform”?

Maybe if you explained a bit more about what it is that you are trying to achieve then we’d underand your question better.


The IFTTT Platform is what they call the paid portion of their site which allows you to have your service available for others to use. It would allow me to have my service on the site just like any other company.

We have used the Blynk API directly, and have used webhooks with IFTTT, but using the
Platform requires specific things which is what I am not sure can be done with the Blynk API as is.

Hopefully that helps.


As this is a business enquiry I think you’d be better liaisng with your Blynk account manager regarding your requirements.