Any way of getting UserID, PhoneID or any ID inside Blynk app?

I would like to be able to track who is opening and closing an automated door controlled by an ESP8266. If many people are sharing the same application, is there a way of finding who is doing what?

my application has a button to control a door an a terminal that is showing the log, in this log I would like to include the person, or phoneID that’s activating the door.

Thanks so much.

Hello. At the moment this is not possible. Maybe someday.

@carlesco for now you have to code up your own ID system.

Thanks @Dmitry, thanks @Costas for kindly answering my email.

Costas, what do yo mean by coding my own ID system? Is there any starting point you could suggest?

Thanks again,

User enters a pin number via terminal and you have a lookup table identifying pin numbers to users.