Any Project (Easy Stuff)

So can you tell me guys an awesome innovation that I can use in school? Or anything that is related and is useful for a school? or anything that can benefit the staffs on it?

On what way do you think I can use BLYNK on making an automated login system? Or any relating topic that a student such as me can do. I badly need ideas guys, thanks in advance for those who will take an effort to share their ideas to me. I’m a graduating student by the way. So your effort would really mean a lot to me.

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I’ve merged your two topics into one. Please don’t spam the forum with the same general question in multiple topics.

I suggest you look here for inspiration:

I’d also suggest that before you plagiarise other people’s work you give credit where credit is due.



Hi Shy,

You should google around for a day or two to find some really useful ideas for your school. And then if you think that idea may be fulfilled by Blynk then try to implement one using google and Blynk community questions. Then if you stuck somewhere, please post here, thank you!!


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what do you mean by making an automated login system?
please develop your idea .

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