Any dev hardware 5ghz wifi compatible with blynk apk?

Hi there, any base development hardware( esp, arduino, rasp, etc) works with 5ghz wifi? Any 5ghz compatible with blynk apk? Actually, im reading about RTL8720DN duino base. Blynk Plataform can be works for these new duino 5ghz? Thanks

RPI 4 supports 5GHz and the RPI3 will if you use a supported 5GHz dongle.

The only problem is that WiringPi is now deprecated, so running C++ isn’t an option. That means using Python or NodeJS, neither of which are supported in the same way as C++.

No idea about the Cortex-M4 based boards that you are referring to.

The was talk that the new version of the ESP32 (called the ESP32s) would have 5G support, but that was dropped rom the specification before it was launched.

TBH, most routers WAPs etc have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz support built-in, so you’d probably be better creating a separate 2.4GHz network, with a different SSID, solely for your IoT devices.