Another chart widget

I am monitoring well pumps and pressures and logging data on an SD card. I would like to display monthly daily averages over a three year period - 36 data points. However, it looks like the chart function can only display data that has been recorded live through Blynk.

It would be good to have a chart that could accept data from a device and then display that data in chart format. Is something like that planned?

Right now, I am just using numeric values sent through the terminal which is cool, but rather archaic looking.

Have you tried sending the data to the device using the api. It would then be "native " data to the device.

Here is a bit of code I used for a test for sending data to a device over http
you would need to replace the token and use the correct server name. Mine will only work if you as in the USA but if you replace ny3 with your server name it should work where you are.

void push_some_data()
  api_write("your_token", vpin_number, "junk%20this%20is%20a%20test"); // Token for receiving device, virtual pin number, value to send

int api_write(String token, int virtual_pin, String data_to_send)

  WiFiClient My_wifi_client;
  String path = "" + token + "&pin=v" + String(virtual_pin) + "&value=" + data_to_send.c_str();

  http.begin(My_wifi_client, path.c_str());
  int httpResponseCode = http.GET();

  if (httpResponseCode > 0)
    String payload = http.getString();

  // Free resources
  return httpResponseCode;


I will look into this.