Android update - local server

Hi, I updated my Android app yesterday and now I’m not able to connect to my local blynk server. Is this not possible anymore or am I missing something?



Hi, click this button :

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Same problem for me.

Once I’ve entered the IP= and port=8443 on this screen, what to do next?

If I press OK, I’m back to the main screen: which id and password should I enter?

As I can’t enter the application, no screen is defined and no valid token obtained.

My sketch connects to the server but the token isn’t valid.

[1812] Connecting to myLAN…
[7851] Connecting to myLAN…
[8373] My IP:
[8386] Blynk v0.3.0
[8408] Connecting to
[9358] Invalid auth token
[13750] Connecting to
[13909] Invalid auth token
[18870] Connecting to
[19028] Invalid auth token

The blynk.log contains

15:09:30.184 TRACE - Incoming LoginMessage{id=1, command=LOGIN, length=32, body=‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’}
15:09:30.194 DEBUG - HardwareLogic token is invalid. Token ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘/’
15:09:30.367 TRACE - Hardware channel disconnect.

with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as the wrong token.


Thank you for your help.


Local server and Blynk cloud it’s total separate servers. So in case you login to local server you have to create new account (it totally different from Blynk Cloud account). Blynk don’t have any access to your local server. So all info is only under your control. So you create new acc. on local server and use tokens from new, local account created on local server.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your answer. I do understand both solutions are completely different and independent.

Now, once I’ve selected Server = Custom, entered the IP address and port of my server, and pressed OK as stated previously, what to expect and what to do?

Shall I type something in the e-mail and password fields? when leaving those fields empty, the Log In button doesn’t respond.

Well, in that scenario local server is totally same as cloud server. So you have to login. Indeed login is not necessary, but in that case we have to redesign login screen in Apps. We don’t have for that time =), so you need to login to your local server via this login form. Create account if you don’t have it, create new dashboard and use newly created token in your sketch.


So I’ve created an account but the only answer I get is this message

Please show blynk.log

I’ve downloaded client-0.8.0.jar and went through this procedure App Client (emulates Smartphone App) to create my credentials.

Only after I managed to get connected with the just-created credentials.

Local server is a major feature of Blynk. Please polish the Blynk app to make it easier to use with the local server.

Thank you for your help!

Local server is used by more than 100 people at the moment and all works fine for all of them. Could please be more specific regarding “polish”? I believe you just has wrong setup or something like this…

By “polish”, I mean mentioning how to enter the credentials on the procedure and a more explicit welcome screen on the Blynk app.

Please consider those as just suggestions. As I’ve said before, local server is a major feature of Blynk. It just needs some little extra something to make it accessible to anyone and get all the attention it deserves.

Again, I want to thank you for your help. The trick was to use the client-0.8.0.jar.

Indeed you don’t need to use client.jar. All you have to do is create new acc (by pressing “Create account” label on login screen). That’s it. If you get some error - this is a bug. But I just tried locally it works fine for me.


I want just ask: If I update to new version of the server, user will not by affected? I mean, I don´t have to create my account again? I´m away of home so I can not test this on my local server which is realy greate feature ;-).

You mean your Blynk Cloud acccount?

If yes, then you’ll have to create a new one on your local server, unfortunately. We don’t have such functionality, but it’s a great idea. We might consider it. Thanks!

No, I mean my account on my local server, but porting account from cloud to local server would be very good feature as well, I think ;-).

@dronecz hi, you don’t need to create account again

Ok, I thought that ;-). Many thanks for answer and for all your very good work.