Android Tablet running firmware 4.0

Hi guys just a question does anybody know whether and android tablet version 4.0 will be okay with the bliynk App?

It might be a bit slow.

I have an older NexusS running CyanogenMod v4.4.4 that I test with once in awhile and a Samsung P7510 that is running a rooted Lollipop v5.1.1.

Both will work with all my Blynk projects, e.g. the tablet is my 24/7 display for my Solar Charge Monitor… but I wouldn’t want to use them as daily drivers for general pokin-da-buttons, due to their slow speed and sometimes strange effects with the widget visuals and touch reactions.

Thank you for the swift reply, the only reason I asked was because I could get hold of one really cheap and I thought it would make a good visual display for general Buttons for turning lights on and off, that’s all I would really be using it for, well I will take your advice but for the sake of £20 which is all I’m going to pay I don’t really mind if it turns out to be a bad investment. My only query was whether the blink app would run on that version of android. Like I said yesterday I am only a novice and I can ensure you that this is an invaluable community of friendly people and knowledge for somebody like me. I even got carried away yesterday when you guided me to a successful answer to my problems that I didn’t realise you could only send so many messages on your first day of becoming a member. A message from the system came through to say that I had sent to many messages and I would need to wait 20 hours ha ha ha ha and here I am asking another question so soon.

Google Play shows that Blynk requires Android 4.0.3 and up… so double check the installed version.

And Google around for possible options to upgrade to CyanogenMod or rooted newer versions of Android.

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Thanks a lot Gunner, I will check it out I am hoping it turns out to be 4.1 the person I’m buying it from doesn’t know so I will have to wait until it arrives to see if it will be any good or not, thanks a lot for the information and the swift reply always appreciated.

Out of topic :slight_smile:

CyanogenMod stoped providing after Market FW , now Linage OS is take over the latest Fork and new updates
weekly , i am running it Linage OS 14.1 on Oneplus 3 and it’s amazing

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Thanks for the info I will give it a look