Android phone deletes projects

Hi, i have suffered this issue three times.

I created a home system and it works great, everyone but one member of my family has iPhone, and i also have an old Android Phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc), where i tried to run blynk and it seems like it was too much for the phone, but the main problem was that after trying to connect the old phone with blynk servers, the entire project disappeared, i thought it was due to the phone age and lack of processing power or something like that and decided to not try again to run blynk on that old phone. But then, when everything seemed to work great, the project was deleted again, this time, by an LG G2 Mini that one member of my family uses, anyway, i created the project again and then after a few days it happened again.

After the project is deleted if i open blynk app on any phone it shows me the option to create a new project like if it was the first time that i open the app, and sometimes it shows me two or three empty projects, but i only created one! Weird.

I know both Android phones are far from being the best phones, but i want to know if i have to be carefull on the phone i am using, on switching iOS and Android devices, on my internet connection or if it is a known issue and i just have to be patient.

Hello. Could you please describe exactly steps in order to reproduce. I understand it may be hard, but we need this. I personally testing on 1 iPad and 1 Android phone and has no issues. So if you can - please provide us with exactly steps. (Like - Login in Android, create project, close Android app, login in iPhone, open Android etc.). Everything from begging to “project deleted”.

Also - are you using latest versions? Blynk cloud or local server?

Hi, the first time it happened when i was testing the app on the Xperia Arc, i was not using any other device but previously i created the project on an iPhone 6. I remember it happened this way, again, using only Xperia Arc at the time: Login, select the previously created project, try to run, unable to reach connection*, close app, open the app, auto login, the project was gone, close the app, check the project on the iPhone and it was not there either.

  • I am not 100% sure if the connection was not established, cause i did not try to do something, i added a led on the project that blinks to make me know if i was connected (It didn’t). But then i realized that i was unable to blink leds on the other android phone (LG G2 mini), but i don’t think it was de problem cause i removed all leds on future projects and the LG G2 mini deleted them anyway.
    I assumed that the connection was not reach because the app runs very slow on the Xperia Arc, so when it happened i blamed the phone.

I can’t tell you how it happened the other two times because i was not the user, the LG G2 mini is my dad’s phone, but it was close to happen again one time, my dad was trying to use the app and the project was gone, but i was around there and i logged in from two different iPhones and the project was there, then my dad closed and reopened the app** and the project was there again.

**Again, i am not 100% sure if my dad closed the app after not seeing the project but i think he didn’t and that led me keep the project.

Sometimes from my iPhone the app showed a message informing that my phone project and the servers project was not synchronized, or something like that, i am pretty sure you will know about that message, i always have selected to use the phone project because i was sure i had not made any changes. But unfortunately i can’t remember how or in what conditions this message showed.

I am not an expert of how blynk works, but i guess the problem happens when the connection is slow.

Ok, thank you for details. I hope we will catch it and fix.

I have the same problem altough I’m not using any other device rather than my Motorola Moto G 4G running Android.
Blynk app seems to forget the project that was working fine before. In my case, I’ve had this issue both with ESP8266 ESP-03 and ESP8266 ESP-12 modules in standalone. The code I’m running is the example for this modules. Now I’m only using one project on Blynk, but before I used a couple of them and it also deleted them all.
I’ve not been able to determine the exact steps that lead to the problem. Right now, it only seems to me that after oppneing the app several times, it crashes and makes you log in again and, when you access the dashboard, there is nothing there and it makes you start another project. The annoying part is that then it generates another Auth Token, so you have to flash the module again and as it happens over a span of one day it makes it useless for a practical aplication right now, altough it’s great for tinkering.
I’ll try to find the right steps that led me there in order to help you improve this great app!

Hello, we fixed that already. New release is planned for today. Stay tuned!

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Update published. Please check if all works for you.

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Hello Dmitriy,
Everything has been working so far. But after the last update (I guess) I’m having the same problem I had back then. Sometimes, when I open the app having it opened in the background, it seems to forget all the projects I’ve created. And by doing so, I have to create them again and reflash the ESP8266 module, which is the most anoying part, since I have it all implemented and it’s a bit difficult to do extract the device. This would be much easier if for example, in the app, you could choose the authtoken you want, avoiding to reflash the device. Maybe it would arise some security issues, but if not, that would be graet. Best regards!

Hello. Do you use latest app? Local server or not? Maybe some exactly steps for reproducing?

Hello, I’m sorry because I’ve just seen that I’ve not updated to the last version yet. I’ll tell you more if I keep having the same trouble. I’m not using a server of my own yet but the one that you let us use with the app. If it happens to me again with the updated version I’ll write down the exact steps and tell you more. But in general terms, the issue occured when I went out of the app when still connected to the ESP8266 ESP-12 module, and afterwards reentering. Then the project and all the information was gone.

Ok, I’ll wait for your update. Because this bug was fixed in prev. release. Let me know if it is still reproducible.