Android notifications? read in full?

so i get the notification in the notification area, but this only displays the first part of the message, however when i click on it it takes me to the Blynk App.

the notification only shows in full when i am using the blynk app,

but i want to read the full notification message without being in the app - this possible?

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Yep, we’ll add support for larger texts to be viewed in the notification

so it’s on the horizon?

TY :slight_smile:

I’ve just added support for larger texts, so it would be available in the next app’s version if the test would pass OK.


so it will show an extra line or two in the notification tray?

and clicking the message will take us to the relevant project in the app?

No, it would be possible to tap the notification and open it’s content more. I’ll send you later a build to test

OK, tap to view more would be excellent!

this would be great! thanks :wink: