Android + local server 0.41.5: Generated QR to clone projects copies an old version, not the current

Hi Blynk fellows,

I installed 0.41.5 server on BeagleBone Black and things seem to be working fine. However, when I try cloning a project from one Android phone (version 9) to the other (version 8), I receive an old version of the project on the second phone instead of current version. I created another account to test but it looks like the QR code it’s the one that refers to the old version, I cannot make the QR to point to the latest one.

Is there a workaround to generate the updated QR code? Should I do something on my server for this to work?

Thank you!!!

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Thank you, we will investigate this issue


I wonder if there is a workaround to clone a project without the QR code.

On a Local Server… you could copy/paste the relevant JSON data… but it can be messy if you do something incorrectly.

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Thanks @Gunner! I created a script to perform this operation for me. The good thing about this is that I can modify the main project and since I manage the server, I can apply the updates across the different users.