Android Label Characters Less than IOS Label Characters

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Wondering the amount of label characters displayed on screen is so much less for Android?

For example, My android has a higher screen resolution than my iPhone and yet I can see only three characters on an Android LED label versus 5 characters on an IOS LED label.

Is there any way to make the LED label font size on Android smaller like it is on IOS to accommodate more characters?



@Kurtisdigital ae you using the latest version of everything (App, server if using local and libraries)?

I thought I noticed on my Android in the last 24 hours that the size of the text is now able to resize based on the size of the Value Display. Might just have been my imagination and I will try to check this.

@Kurtisdigital There were such limitation on android - due to high range of display resolutions, we have decided to limit labels length. But several builds ago we removed this limit - on my device (Nexus 6) now it could be added 5 characters for LED label.

@Costas You are right. Value Display, Timer, Labeled Value and Menu has now resizable text. But our design-guy don’t like this resizable text)

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