Android does not work for push, but receive data as normal

In the past 2 days I am not able to use buttons from my Samsung, but Iphone works :frowning:

App Version Name: 1.5.1 (76)
built at 07.06.2022 12:47

OS API Level: 31
Model: SM-N975F
Manufacturer: samsung

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Hi, thanks for the report, I wasn’t just now able to reproduce the issue so our QA team will look into it.

May I ask you to resend logs again, but before sending logs to do next:

  1. Create a simple Scene notification that has 1 action: push with any title and message
  2. Execture that scene notification
  3. In several minutes later - send logs.


I have sent the logs last day, as zip file, the logs was to big and the sending get denied in transmit from the device.
Let me know if you did not recive it


Hi, can you resend that zip? I’ve received log mail but without any attachment in it.


Faceing the same issue with my project. Is there something I can provide to find root cause ?

Had not received anything, can you send it via PM here and link to some dropbox/google drive/etc ?

@sc-6000 You can share the logs from about screen (left menu on main screen → about → send logs) if they are not disabled, if disabled - enable logs, try the steps above with creation of a scene automation to send push

done, sent via emal to you attention. Please note that the mail account may differ from the suscribtion here…

Thanks, which exactly widget should I check for - for what data stream or pin info?

All data stream assinged to a button or the slider will not provide any data to the device…
That will be : V3,V4,V12;V13,V17,V18 and Silder V5.

This happen, as TorNor mentioned, only while usinge the latest release of the Andriod - App.
iOS and Web-Dashboard works pretty fine…

@sc-6000 does it change its state in the app? react on tap and etc?

Wow, seems I’ve found the cause, are you both using German language on your device? Seems data formatting in German uses , for . in floats. I’ll fix that and update this thread on new build upload to Play Store, for sure it will happen till the end of the week, but I hope to do it as fast as possible.

As a workaround for you - enable override high and low in buttons, it should show correct ds min/max and it should work without this bug. Or change their ds to int type - seems most of them are ints.

On the slider - it seems it sends correct values. At least V5 one

Seems the slider is completely different issue - looks like its setup is partly corrupted - I believe in your case it will be fixed just by re selection of data stream in widgets’ settings.

I will make some changes so such issue would not be possible.

Hi, on the Android device the App is using German, on the iOS Device English language

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This workarround works fine on the Andriod as well as on the iOS device.

I redefined the data stream for V5, now the slider values will work fine on both devices…

THX for your support!

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I have changed some buttom to INT, and this solve the issiue
I use Danish laugue on my phone

1.5.2 build with a fix to this issue is already slowly rolling out on Play Store

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I can confirm it is working now, only one less important things are the decimal point. if you have set no decimal point in the app on the phone, it still show 2 decimal point.
I have changed the decimail point in DataSteams to none so now its gone from the APP.
But just let you know

Thanks for the fast fix