Android Blynk v2.27.27 crashed on startup!

Hello Blynkers
The App has been working fine since last auto-update on March 5, untill yesterday March 25. Today March 26, after midnight the app starts to crach on startup. I did uninstall reinstall, and app ran fine until the moment I entered the user and password. After hitting logon the app crashed!
Last midnight we started the Summer saving time! Could this be the problem since my projects use RTC widgets?
I have an old version of the app running on 7" tablet hanged on the wall still running and showing one of my project that keeps displaying the time. The diaplayrd time is correct after the DST activated automatically…
Any thoughts?

Do you have any timer or time input widgets?

We are uploading a bugfix release with a fix to this issue in time input. As a quick workaround - you can change data on tablet - app shouldn’t crash in such case

The new build is uploaded to Play Store - should be soon available (it depends on Play Store review duration).

Yes, I do have time input widget. By the way, the Tablet app suddenly crashed without touching it. I download and old v2.27.24 apk and working fine on the tablet but not on my Samsung Gxy 8+.