Android application notifications

I’m playing with Witty Cloud board (ESP8266) and testing event option.

I’m using such line to get information type notification:

Blynk.logEvent("test", "terminal used");

and I see the result at timeline tree in web dashboard. But something srange is on my smartfone app.
Only few times I saw the notificatin in notifications tab. But the most common situation is:
I see a red dot near “Notifications” which should mean that I have some new notification. Like this:

But when I open that tab, it almost always is empty. Like this:

When I’m use some other type notifications, the sutuation is better - if I have warning type notivication in the tab received before, I can read information type notification as well and open the timeline by tap on a message. Like this:

@Alegz is that Android? When you open the notifications tab - does “pull up” the screen action shows the notifications?

Also, did you enable the “mobile view option” in the events settings:

Yes, it’s Android 7 and 10 on two phones . And no, nothing affect on any screen taps, and swipes to any direction. And again yes - the “send event to Notifications tab” is enables either with or without Timeline options, and I see red dot near the bell icon when I know, it should apeears. Sometime I can read the notification. But in most cases - no, the tab is empty (with the same options, of course). And it seems, application (terminal) is freezing for a while when I’m trying to return to terminal widget - I can’t reach terminals’ input line.

Just a thought. Actually I have 3 applications installed and running for my account - 2 at home and 1 at work. I can’t turn 2 of them off rigth now to check. But is it possible, that notification receives only one phone of 3 (any, not predictable which one is first), hence 2 others can’t reach the message? I see no problem to get the same sensor data to 2 phones at the same time. But It can be different for mrssages, I guess. So, I can check this idea on Monday.

I guess all phones should receive the pushes. Can you check systems settings → apps → blynk iot → notifications - maybe they got somehow disabled (especially on Android 10 it is possible as it has inner logic for hiding not used pushes).

If the issue persists - can you send logs from the phones without pushes, but after they should have received them - so I can verify that pushes has not been received or hasn’t been shown. To Send logs - open About screen and it have such option.

Notifications are turned on in phone settings. Otherwise it wasn’t be possible to get messages at all. And log is sent to you.

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I see there ‘INFORMATION test terminal used test’ log event received by the app. Did you expected for it to be received as push as well?

I guess - no, but at least I must have a possibility to read what is happened, or not? Push messages can be turned off for a special device, as I see. I’ll check it with pushes.

Is it possible that you expect to see push notification about event, while the app is opened and connected to the server? I suppose in such case the push notification would not be sent - @Dmitriy may correct me

Hmmm… The option is named “Send event to Notifications tab”, not “Send event as push message”. So I’m expect to see this message at Notification tab and read it, but I do not see the message there. But I see no difference with turned on push messages in phone settings on closed app too - no push message as well.

Seems I’ve incorrectly understood the issue. It is not about push notifications. It is about the empty notifications tab, while it is expected that there may something be due to the red dot notice. I will check - it may be an app’s issue.

Yes. The problem is that it is works time to time, but I can’t understand it logic.

P.S. I have sent one more log, when I’m at last received and read the message. Maybe it can be useful.

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