Android App Crashes

Made a dashboard and it froze android when i went to run it. Each time i try to restart it opens for a second and then just locks up. Sometimes with a black screen, sometimes i can see it say 'Blynk + i " across the top.

Next pop-up is “Blynk isn’t responding. Do you want to close it,” and then “Unfortunately, Blynk has stopped.”

I tried opening it on my phone (vs tablet) and it did the same thing. If i had to guess i would say it’s something with the ‘history graph’ widget since that’s the only one i haven’t used before… but i can’t open the app to get rid of it.

Edit. Android 5.1.1

Thanks for reporting. Investigating it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, after that i was able to get to the settings part and delete the history graph widget and it started working.
Put the history graph widget back on and it crashes everything again.

I have this same problem! (android 4.0.4)

We already fixed it. Please wait for the next release next week.
Thanks for reporting, everyone!