Android 8 App Problem

Installed Android 8 a few days ago. Some Blynk projects work, but an ESP8266 project stopped sending emails.

I reinstalled the app today and deleted the problematic project to build it afresh. Now the app won’t even send an authorization code. App stuck on “Sending…”

I’m using custom server settings

Advice please.


@Dmitriy could you check logs on the server? This issue seems not related to android app.

I can’t without email address.

No errors. Either something app specific. Or emails are delayed.

Hm, @Falcon9 after nearest release I’ll attach here logging build if this issue will reproduce again.

Thanks. Meanwhile, I still can’t get the app to send me an auth code. I’ll keep trying and check different avenues. If I find the solution, I’ll let you know.

You could try to reproduce the issue with latest logging build: and send me it’s log, so I could check what is going wrong on your side.

I’m running server 0.28.2-Java8, the latest Blynk app on my Nexus (android 8.0.0) and have just received an Auth Token via email.

I installed the logging build and for some reason everything started to work again. I’ll send you the log.

In Serial my sketch was completely ignoring the function. I made no changes to it and now it’s recognizing the function and connecting to your servers.

Thanks for your help.