Amazon fire tablets as a control station?

Hey all,

I am a proud Blynker - and was thinking about using a tablet (instead of my old phones) as a control station. Has anybody tried to do something similar with Amazon Fire tablet? I know side-loading .apks works for some apps.

Just attracted to the cheap price point.


We control an entire farm with a couple of old Fire tablets. Just sideload the .apk :slight_smile:

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as i know that not all apk apps will run correctly as some applications designed relaying on some of the android API that amazon tablet may not implementing yet or will never do.
i think you need to test on a device before purchasing.

I have heard they are notorious about some versions not working with all apk’s or a firmware upgrade breaking the functionality.

Anybody knows if they are easy to root?

if any of your friend or family have it just test the APK file on it .

I bought a new fire 7, app it’s not installing. Is there a way to do it? Any tablets proven to work?