Amazon Alexa integration

Good day Blynk developers team!
Do you have plan to write a skill for Alexa Smart Home?

With this feature many people can control their custom IoT devices on Blynk with Alexa without spending too much money for branded IoT solutions. It will be great! It was a real problem for me, when I want to turn on my light on the kitchen via Blynk but don’t have a phone with app near me or my hand is busy (
I tried to solve this problem with telegram bot and google voice but without luck…

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Good afternoon,
Do you know how to program an alexa skill? I found an example on the internet of how to do this but I couldn’t make it work, but I have a good idea of how it can be done.

@Elizeu_S_Dias you seem to be posting questions in any topic that mentions Alexa, even if they are years old.

To be honest, this isn’t the best approach, and it’s beginning to feel like you’re spamming the forum.

The systems that seem to work are…

IFTTT - but this is now expensive, and has always been rather a clunky approach.

Sinric - I’ve not used this myself, but gets numerous good reviews

node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill for Node-Red - this is the solution I use, and it’s excellent. I also use the node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill plug-in for Node-Red as a way of getting Alexa to speak the messages that you want to use as custom alerts.
The drawback to this approach is that you need to set-up a Node-Red/MQTT server and prefers switch to using MQTT messages to communicate with your devices and have Node-Red as the single point of commutation with Blynk.

There’s more info on this approach here…