All Remotes into you smatphone. How control all your remote control via smartphone with Blynk is live!

Hi Blynk community,
after one month of work/troubleshooting I finally being live with my first project (sorry if there are some mistake but I’m a beginner).

First think thank you a lot to all community expecially to @Costas and @Jamin that usually support me in troubleshouting.

Back to my project: basically thanks to Blynk, a Nodemcu, and IR led and IR receiver I’m now able to control all remote control from my smartphone.
For me is super useful…I loose remote frequently :slight_smile:

I just submitted the project on Instructionable and to Microcontroller Contest; if you like my project please support with a vote (click on top left the vote icon).

Here a video that show how the product works:

Finally, here the link to my blog with the full project description (it’s in Italian):
Trasformare il proprio cellulare in un telecomando TV


Nice work. I was also planning similar project that will definetly help. Thank you.

hi thank you for your feedback. if you need any help happy to support you.

@Ellis_Bosisio nice work :smiley:

Hi, this is very good project and am looking for it. And I would like to ask you one thing that is , as per this project I need to enter all remote IR data and finalize the sketch, but in future if I need to add new Device IR code then again I need to re program that part. Instead of that is it possible to have a instant learning option on blynk. As the concept of blynk no forther programming ( am not good at programming :tired_face:) whenever I add a button that time nodemcu should go into learning mode and once it learn the IR code then whenever I press that button corresponding IR signal should transmitted.
Thanking you

First off, this topic is over a year old.

Secondly, while blink does promote a simpler control and display interface without major programming… things like sensor libraries, programming calculations and other complex controls and algorithms like a learning IR code, will require code, and the understanding of it to mesh with other code… Thankfully someone has often already written something that works, however us users of such things still need to learn enough to combine it into Blynk’s interface, which is primarily a GUI, not a “do it all” App.

AKA, you still need to learn how to drive, even with an automatic transmission and cruise control :wink:

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This is old project but good one ,
I am thankful to Mr. @Ellis_Bosisio
And it’s a great advise mr.gunner "AKA, you still need to learn how to drive, even with an automatic transmission and cruise control "

whenever using public transportation one should know what was the destination and which route is shorter, but not required to learn how to drive.

You will still need to code in a IR learning mode :stuck_out_tongue: For example.

Or if you prefer public transportation, go pick up a universal learning remote :wink:

Thank you @ Gunner

Thank you!