All relay turns on automatically when my nodemcu reboot

Same problem occurs even when my WiFi router is restart or internet connection lost, all the relays connected to app widget getting turned on automatically. I think some problem with blynk.syncAll(); when nodemcu connects to WiFi or internet, it is not sync with app widgets that why relays turning on, so please guide to solve this problem

This is really strange. If you selected four digital pins to be connected to buttons in Android app without setting GPIO states and virtual pins (without code, to be more precise), only ONE should go low, not all of them, and that is really connected to Blynk. But I never heard of every single GPIO going low after restart, especially having Blynk.syncAll active, which should restore all pin states; that makes no sense at all. Convert your GPIO ports to virtual pins, set relay states and you will be fine, it is obvious that support for direct control of GPIO is not working well these days.

But everything working fine local server, I don’t have dedicated pc to run local. Gpio (relays) associated with button widget only gives problem. Thank u for ur support @zodiac

I’m running my setup on local server, with directly addressed digital pins from Android app, everything working fine. Never tried cloud in this setup, so I don’t know. But syncAll should be working, it’s Blynk feature.

Can u try once in cloud set up please. For me also no problem in local setup. Even three days before it is working in cloud setup. Last three days only I am facing problems

Just tried your sketch on my NodeMCU, same problem here. Don’t know what’s the reason, it should work. Instead of restoring pin states, all gpios associated with buttons goes low after reset.

Use virtual pins or go back to 2.16.5.

@Dmitriy Do you know what is the reason for this? Is there a fix for this issue?

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What local server version do you have?

@Lokesh_PS @zodiac fixed. Thanks for reporting!



working fine in local server but not working with blynk cloud. blynk.sync All() is not working. nodemcu is not sync with app widgets. so please look in to problem, from last four days only I am facing problem. before four days every thing working fine

thanks @zodiac for trying with cloud for me

If you haven’t already, please completely remove existing App (all your projects are stored on server) and reinstall again from Google Play… there was a glitch in last version that may? be contributing to this issue.

OK @GunnerTechTools, I am trying now, after seeing this, sorry for editing solved.

Not a problem… If the issue isn’t solved, then it should switch category.

Let us know the end result.

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thanks @zodiac @GunnerTechTools @Dmitriy for everything. now problem solved. thank u all

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Hi Dmitry. I’m having the same kind of problem with the digital pins of the Nodemcu board connected to the Widgets … every time the board restarts, only the pins as digital outputs (no virtual pins) connected to the button widget, are activated automatically.
How did you solve the problem?

Thanks so much!!!

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I am having this issue. Whenever my project is running on the mobile app and i restart the esp8266 nodemcu board by turning power off and then turning on, all the relays are turned on automatically. I have to turn them off from the app. Thereafter it works fine. I am running using cloud.

This behavior does not occur when the project is in a stopped state.

To help you understand why this is happening, and how to overcome the problem, we’d need to know if the relays you are using are active HIGH or LOW, and what code you’re using.

BTW, you’d be better creating your own topic and posting full details, than adding a “me too, but not exactly” comment in an existing thread.


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