"Alias name" widget must be able to also set the text color by the end user

I would like the Alias ​​Widget to be able to also set the text color by the end user. And the color of other widgets tied to the same vPin.

Could you please add more details?

I assemble light controllers with a different set of LED drivers and LEDs, sometimes it’s RGB+CW+WW, sometimes it’s light for plants (UV, BLUE, CW, WW, RED, IR), sometimes it’s the same light in different rooms. and it’s convenient to put the “alias name” widget against the slider and color the slider itself in the color of the brightness of which it controls, or at least color the text in the “Alias ​​name” widget. Now I’m making a separate page in the application where there will be 7 color palette widgets to set using colors for 7 sliders, those on the main page. (setProperty(Vx, “color”,…)
The “alias name” widget has already saved me from unnecessary code where I, and other users assigned names to sliders.
It may be enough to give end users the opportunity to customize their appearance, change colors for example. But with the ability to reset to default colors.

Maybe you just add an empty square button next to an Alias Widget and modify button’s color with setProperty command?

Yes, this is not the first need, besides, it is indeed possible to do this through code. I can imagine what it would be like to predict all the consequences, including the availability of the service for beginners. And difficulties with testing functionality. But maybe such a wish will still be expressed, and a concept will come on how to implement it so that everyone can have a good time.

It turned out to be not easy, at my level as a programmer, to implement changing the color of the “Alias ​​name” and “Slider” widgets using the “RGB Light Control” widget. The analogue of “Copilot” CODEIUM helped me!:

  int vpin = request.pin;
  if (vpin = rgbLightControl1) // 1st rgbLC for control color of 1st slider. preDifine this!
      int red = param[0].asInt();
      int green = param[1].asInt();
      int blue = param[2].asInt();
      char color[8];
      sprintf(color, "#%02X%02X%02X", red, green, blue);
      String colorString(color);
      Blynk.setProperty(1, "color", colorString); // 1st Slider Vpin - 1.

RGB Light Control is not the best widget for determining the color of App interface elements. It’s probably better to use ZeRGBa. but there is a little different code.