Alexa WebUI + Alexa Lambda Skill Control Device Blynk API

Hey guys! So i made an Alexa Lambda along with WebUI dashboard to control devices using Alexa by making your own Skill! Its inspired by the project Sinric, Instead of having to create Devices in Sinric and coding extra in the Sketch,this skill is custom and private for all and uses Blynk API to control the devices directly and thus no extra coding needed! Further more the devices can be added easily with the WebUI i made!


  • No need to code extra in Sketch
  • One time skill deployment in Alexa Skill Store
  • Its Free!!

Try it out!


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I cannot wait to try this out ! Good job. I have a few lambda apps that are mostly tinkering style.

Many thanks!

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Welcome, do share feedback or bugs if any!

could you please explain to me how it works? Thank you

  • I still like SINRIC because I have both “Alexa” and Google Home on same sketch ( same devices in Sinric ).
  • It is stable (I use it for two Years now).
  • it is Free.
  • most important you can find Examples for Arduino, NodeJS and Python.

hey, i will most probably write a guide on how to do so, but for now all my blynk projects are on hold till the new blynk comes out.

You can however google how to create custom alexa skill in aws lambda, and you can figure out by looking at my repo maybe

Yes sinric is amazing! And my web ui supports both alexa and google home , however this is not intended for a replacement for sinric, however just for anyone who wants to have a very simple, and small working code for alexa skill, that makes api calls to control devices(customisable API calls equals more control), which can be customised as per needed, basically to have more control over what’s happening.

kindly you can’t tell more or less how you at least start testing

you always say i will but you never do.
without examples it is difficult to follow you


Come on dm, i will tell you how to set it up, i am too lazy to write in complete details over here :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes sir, trust me i will do both of that, but only after the new blynk platform is released , as for the auto connect thing, new blynk promised it to be inbuilt, if its free then win for us, and no use of that sketch of mine, if not i will re write it.
As for this alexa project, it relies on blynk local sever, and as it’s being discontinued for now, and when the new blynk server with web ui comes up, again my web ui will be useless, however my lambda function would still be of use.
I will update that according to the new servers.
For now i am not working on any blynk related project. Sorry i am a lazy ass and don’t like working on something which would be of no use later :stuck_out_tongue:
You can look at sinric instead if you want alexa or Google home control btw.

P.S. Time to wait for new blynk! Waitng sucksss!

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