Alexa read VPIN

Is there any chance to have Alexa reading value from a Vpin?
I looked the forum but I didn’t found anythink…

My fear is that is somethink that can’t be done…


I don’t have any snoopy devices listening in on my conversations with my cat :stuck_out_tongue: (well… perhaps Google :business_suit_levitating: via my phone or those black helicopters overhead :helicopter: ) but I think you can use whatever API option available to Alexa (properly set up with the Cloud or your Server IP and project AUTH) to read your vPin state.

I can certainly do it using Node-Red with Blynk and Alexa plug-ins.
I can ask Alexa what the living room temperature is and it/she will tell me.

In my particular case, this data isn’t coming from a virtual pin, but it could be, as I’ve demonstrated in this example:


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