Alexa, Blynk and IFTTT help!

Hi Guys,

I have read all the thread on here re this subject and then had a go getting my alexa to operate a V pin in my existing Blynk app. I got it working quite quickly to enable me to switch my shed lights on via a voice command to alexa using applets in google IFTTT and webhooks. I got it to trigger a vurtual pin so that the app widget state changes when a voice command is issued.

Now here is the problem!! The ‘ON’ command works perfectly every time, so then I duplicated the command and changed the body text to a [“0”] to switch them back off with a new trigger line but I get a server error 500 when I try to voice command the lights off.

I dont get it the applets are identical(apart from the body change) and one works and the other doesnt!!!

Any help appreciated as normal.

Here are the 2 applets

Cheers Kev

@newdos Use GET without a body as:

ON syntax

OFF syntax

Try it in a browser first.

Covered at

Also sent you a PM.

HI Costas,

Weirdly it just started working today without changing anything !!! any idea what the server error was ?

And one of these days I will remember to remove my token DOH !!!



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Error 500 is a pretty generic server error meaning “there was a problem”.

Maybe IFTTT had a minor glitch.

OK cheers bud, but should I use the syntax you suggested or as it works is it ok to leave as is ?



I am always tempted to leave things well alone when they are working.

That said GET is much easier to work with.

I would set up additional Applets with GET and have both available.

Cheers bud

But you have to say “Alexa trigger …”

correct eddie!!

Anyway on getting IFTTT with webhooks and Alexa to work with a servo on an esp8366 Blynk? I’m stuck