After using Blynk.setProperty i cannot change widget label from app


i have a strange error here:
if i use Blynk.setProperty in hw to change widget label once, i can not change anymore widget label from app.

after i edit the label and start the project, it keeps resetting to the last value set by Blynk.setProperty. how can i get rid of this behavior?

it is the same on local and cloud server, with latest server + latest app version.
hw is: esp8266, app is: on samsung glaaxy s5, android 6.


Hello. I think the problem is that your hardware constantly sends “updateProperty”. Am I wrong?

i already thought this too.

i init the update property function with a command from blynk app terminal widget. and that shouldn’t send constantly because i type in only once. however, i observed that sometimes the terminal sends the command twice by pressing enter.

tomorrow i will remove completely the function with update property from my code, and see if the problem persists.

"Terminal always stores last 25 messages your hardware had send to Blynk Cloud. "

Perhaps it keeps rereading the terminal buffer?

normally it shouldn’t. i will investigate today.

@Dmitriy, i made a simple and effective test:

powered off the respective hw, and tried to rename the widgets. it keeps restoring the original name instantly when i click on the play button.

i tested on local and cloud server too, and on several projects. highly probable that the server stores somehow / somewhere the updateProperty command, or it made the widgets name readonly.

here is the code, if it matters, but because the hw is offline i don’t think so:

BLYNK_WRITE(V_TERMINAL)                  // update unit name
  String incomingData = param.asStr();

  if (incomingData.length() > 4 && EepromWrite(incomingData.substring(0, 3), incomingData.substring(4))) {
    terminal.println("OK, set to: " + incomingData.substring(4));

  else {
    terminal.println("wrong command! use these commands:");
    terminal.println("nm: set name");
    terminal.println("s1: set notification for s1");

void updateLabels()
  Blynk.setProperty(V_RELAY_1_STATE,  "label", unitName + " RELAY 1");    // relay button on / off widget
  Blynk.setProperty(V_RELAY_2_STATE,  "label", unitName + " RELAY 2");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_RELAY_3_STATE,  "label", unitName + " RELAY 3");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_RELAY_4_STATE,  "label", unitName + " RELAY 4");

  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_02_LED,    "label", unitName + " S1");         // activity led widget
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_04_LED,    "label", unitName + " S2");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_14_LED,    "label", unitName + " S3");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_16_LED,    "label", unitName + " S4");

  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_02_NOTIFY, "label", unitName + " NOTIFY S1");  // notification on / off button widget
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_04_NOTIFY, "label", unitName + " NOTIFY S2");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_14_NOTIFY, "label", unitName + " NOTIFY S3");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_16_NOTIFY, "label", unitName + " NOTIFY S4");

  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_02_SENS01, "label", unitName + " S1");         // sensors display widget
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_04_SENS01, "label", unitName + " S2");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_14_SENS01, "label", unitName + " S3");
  Blynk.setProperty(V_GPIO_16_SENS01, "label", unitName + " S4");

@Dmitriy, or someone from the dev team, if you have some time could you please look into this issue?

@Dmitriy, @BlynkAndroidDev, any progress on this issue?

today i’ve built a new project, and experienced the same behaviour:

if once i use setproperty on a widget label, it is impossible to set a new label from the app, even if i remove completely the setproperty function from my code or even if the hw is stopped.

when i try to set a new label from the app, as soon as i click the play button, it restores to the last setproperty value.

the respective widget is hooked up to a tag (multiple hw), but despite all hw is stopped, the label still resets.

No… As the quick fix you may just assign the widget to another pin. Created ticket -

@wanek by the way - do you use device selector in this case?

i do not use device selector. i use tag. see image with button settings.

i could reproduce the issue in cloud and local server too. you also can reproduce this?

This changes everything :slight_smile: !

No. Cause I had no info about tags.

what do you mean by this?
i also mentioned in my older post that i use tag.

Every detail matter. Anyway I fixed issue already.

i have mentioned tag at least once in my posts.
thanks for the fix! i will test it.

unfortunately for me still keeps replacing the on off labels on the button:

renamed manually the labels on app
restarted project
killed app
cleared chache

should i install new app?

You need to wait for the new server deploy/release.

ah, ok. i didn’t know where was the problem.
thanks again! :wink:

@Dmitriy, i have tested today, but the problem is still there. i even deleted the buttons, re added, removed from tag and assigned to a single device. no help.

Any news on this guys @wanek, @Dmitriy as I am getting this problem as well and I have just upgraded to the new blynk5.0 library, but I am sure it was there before that as well ???

Cheers in advance guys