After upgrade to server .19.0

This is really odd.
After upgrading to .19.0 on local server everything works fine. I can create new projects all old projects work fine but when I run blynk admin i can see the user name. When I click on the username it show no info for that user.
There is only one user on the system and it is me.
So when I click on the only user that is there it goes to edit user page but everything is blank. empty fields. like so.

    Edit user ""



    Profile DashBoards 
​Just want to reiterate that everything works fine. I have not tried to add energy or manually enter info here because I am afraid of losing everything.

Any suggestions?


It works fine just here on local server. What happens if you register a new user? It may give insight as to what is going on.

I’ ll give that a try.

Do you see some errors in browser script panel?

Restart the server…?

No errors at all.

I have kill it and restarted without changes.

I was able to create a new user.
The edit user function on the new user is all there in blynk admin. But not on the original user.

Try to clean browser cache.

By the way. There is 0.19.1 already :slight_smile:

Cleared cache and no luck.
Switched to chrome and also no luck.
I will go ahead and update to 19.1
Thanks for your help all.

Maybe adblock? What url do you see in browser when clicked on user name?

I’m out of ideas. if you fix it - please let us know.

I went ahead and upgraded to 19.1
Still no luck.
When I go to the server and open up the user file all the details are in there.
It is just that the blynk administration routine in edit mode will not see anything.

try a different browser?

whoops ignore this…

@Dmitriy can you tell us if the password is stored in has format in the user file? Maybe @dennymoney can send me/you the user file and we can check with another installation of local blynk server if the file is OK.

I went back to version .18.3 and everything is back.
So it has something to do with version .19.0 and version .19.1

I’d love to test something for you, if you are willing to send your user file, but I’m not sure about the passwords in side them. I hope they are stored using irreversible encryption though …

It is SHA256 hash with username as salt.