Advanced time Input with RPI3 / Node.js

Hello guys,

Could not find anything on google nor on these rich forums about the way to use the Avanced Time Input Widget on a RPI3 + Node Js.

My whole project is based on node / java, so I would like to have more information on how to check if the time has started or not, just like we can do on Arduino and such.

I don’t think there is a direct way yet…

Perhaps if you are fairly well versed in JS you can add the functionality into the blynk.js script as was partially done with another missing widget?

If you do manage it, please report back here and add a pull request to what I think is the current JS library on GitHub.

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Thanks for your answer, (I am a new user of Blynk) so far I have found that<token>/pin/V<vPin> returns the appropriate values, we can fairly use this “api” to retrieve data from it.

I cannot find a decent way to at least retrieve information from the widget with any kind of requests such as virtualRead()
It can only works if I trigger a change on the widget.

I’ll update these threads as soon as I get with something, will also be glad to participate to help with the node library :slight_smile:

Oh, well that is the way it is supposed to work, at least for the basic operation (which is probably the only one available on JS)… You set a time, hit the button and it spits the UI time to the device for further processing and presumably later action via your code.

Hardware will get selected on UI time as seconds of day (3600 * hours + 60 * minutes) for start/stop time.

If you are looking for the App (via Blynk Server) to control a vPin state on a timer, then perhaps the Timer in the Eventor Widget might work just as well for the RPi & JS.

Yeah I was dealing with the regular Timer at first glance, but I needed something a little bit more easy to edit on the fly.

However that Eventor looks amazing! Very promissing, I am starting to enjoy it already! However you do not have a clear display out of the box :frowning:

Anyway I’ll make my way through this and then I’ll figure out was is the most appropriate for my use case. Thank you very much so far!

I don’t understand?

I was saying that you don’t have a visual output widget like telling you what time it will be enable, just like the Advanced time input. I might be able to merge both of these widgets to get something functionnal will try to keep this thread updated in case someone figures out something or needs these info.