ADS1115 with Wemos Mini D1

Hello! Happy New Year and many successful projects!

I want to use this example, but with the current sensor (model ACS712-20A).

Currently, I cannot read a significant change in the reading value (~2.532 volt) when I connect a 100W bulb through the sensor. Maybe it’s too small load? I need to “read” 100W, 200W and 250W light bulb.

Has anyone tried to read more ACS712 sensors with ADS1115 and Wemos D1 ???

Thanks, I appreciate any help!

I haven’t used these sensors, but do you understand electricity? I’m thinking a current sensor will measure amps or watts. Voltage is totally different.

Maybe you not undestand me well. The schetch from beghining at this post (I use it for to model) return voltage value. :slight_smile: