Admin account Q


I’ve created 3 accounts: Admin, User1 and User2. All of them sharing the same project.

User2 now wants to go solo, becoming an Admin with his own projects.

So, how can I eliminate User2 from the Admin list without suspending or deleting his account?

Do you mean three users within the same account (subscription), or something different?
Are they in the same organisation, or sub organisation?
What subscription type do you have?

Blynk IoT doesn’t use Projects. Do you mean device?
If so, what is your plan for that physical device, and who is the device owner?


Hi Pete,

I meant 3 users with different email addresses. User1 was invited to share the project (device) as well as User2.

The plan is to develop and test a device(s) while understanding how the web console’s options work.

Hello. This is only available under PRO account -

Thanks, I saw that, but how can User2 log in on his own as now his account is suspended/blocked? And it’s no longer on the Admin’s list?

He can’t.

Current “share” flow is next:

  • You create an suborg
  • Invite a user into it
  • And now this user is fully isolated within this org, only you as admin can see it.