Addressing Individual Neopixel LEDs with Blynk

Hi All-

I am brand new to Blynk; for my project I am using a D1 Wemos ESP8266 board and am connecting it to a Neopixel strip (WS2812B) with 7 LEDs only. My goal is to have seven buttons on the Blynk app that will correspond to each LED. Each LED will be programed to be a specific color. I want to be able to toggle through each LED by individually triggering one LED at a time.

I am adapting my prototype where I used a 4pin LED. Now that I am using 1 virtual pin and am “merging” the data on the app, I am not sure how to approach addressing each LED singularly. Is this possible? Any links/tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks is advance.

For the WS2812B you use a data line, power, and ground. I would also recommend you a resistor an capacitor like shown here even though you only have 7 leds and it would probably be fine. I recommend reading through this:

As far as controlling them, there are a few libraries out there that do all the hard work for you. Check out the neopixel library or fastled library.