Adding unit symbols to Table values

I’m starting to work with Tables and would like to add unit symbols (degC, kPa etc) to the values being sent to the table. Can this be done, and if so, how? I tried adding an extra comma delimiter after the value to add a unit, but this didn’t show on the Table.
‘’’ Blynk.virtualWrite(V20, “update”, 0, “Temperature”, tempData, “*C”);


Also, can the dot Icons be changed to different colours or even different icons. Is so, how?

The easiest (I think) would be to send concatenated string. So first prepare the string and then send it via virtualWrite. Blynk app accepts also Unicode icons, these can be added to string as well. You can search the forum- how to do it has been discussed.

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For the time being, I got around the problem by including the unit in the text string of the data name eg: “Temperature *C”

It’s interesting to note that the Android app shows unit identifiers in the graphical image of the Table Widget setings page.

It shows up, because that is the desired way to display data (with units) :stuck_out_tongue: … and it can be easily accomplished. But adding a field to the table definition wouldn’t have much sense: it is enough to look at the screenshot you’ve attached.

@marvin7 I probably showed too much of the screen shot. I was particularly trying to highlight the three examples at the top of the settings page where they show Temperature 31.4 *C, Water Level 3.14 L etc. It is these units that I’m wanting to replicate, so will work on concatenating a string, as earlier suggested.

Sure! I know that :slight_smile: And that is what I was commenting: those are different units. How table widget would know which one to display for an incoming data?

That is the way it is done… or sometimes, depending on the widget (like the Labeled Display), by adding in the units in the LABEL field (with emoticons or ALT<code> keyboard options)

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For example, this…

  float t = dht.readTemperature();
  String TempDisplay = (String(t,1) + "\u00B0C");  // Display value to one decimal point and degrees Celsius 
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V63, "add", 1, "Temp", TempDisplay);

Looks like this…

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There was a link to a page with all those fancy Unicode symbols and icons…Can’t find it now, but perhaps you do remember that?

Ah, I think i’ve found it: Full Emoji List, v15.1
Unicode Emoji

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I have a couple for emoticons… but this one wasn’t included in there… I had to follow my own advice and
G :eyes: gle like crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


This was the one, I’ve “lost” :slight_smile:

So, @BrianH now you can create any icon set in your app, you wish to. :smile:

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@Gunner Thanks very much for digging into this. Much appreciated