Adding template to sub organization

While attempting to enable an existing template in a sub organization so sub organization users can access the device, i noticed the edit button is not available to the top right of the web page. I am unable to share access of an existing template with users in the sub organization. Using google chrome and edge

While templates are visible in sub-organizations, they can only be edited in your root organization, if you have developer account and permissions.

Pavel, I’m not attempting to edit the template. I am trying to provide access to user in the sub organization. The template was built in my root organization.

I receive this error when trying to transfer. “Can’t transfer device. Target Organization doesn’t have such Product.”

Hello @yourideasvi. I believe this is due to a change due to the removal of the ability to apply a template to a sub-organization. Currently, the newly created template is automatically applied to the sub-organization.

I think this device was created from old template. And maybe in past you delete this template from this sub-org.

My point - you need to create a new template or duplicate an existing one in you main org.

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The organization was created before the change so the templates were not automatically applied to the sub organization.

The devices were already online and difficult to physically access. Adding a new template would’ve required me to physically go to site to download the new firmware with new template info. To fix this I created a new organization where the templates were automatically assigned, then migrated the members to the new organization.

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