Adding more device

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I’m using pro plan 500 device. I have a question that can i have more than 500 device, example 1000 device and price for this plan? In fact, I’m not ready for white lable plan.



Currently under pro plan, 500 device is the max. If you want to have more than 500 devices, you will have to subscribe to White label plan. And that will allow upto 10,000 devices.

Or else register one more account and subscribe to pro plan on that account as well.

According to the website it’s possible…


It is possible, but has to be done manually. The price is US$449/mo or US$4,490.00 / year
Please share your email in PP and I’ll guide you through the process.

Ho may be i have must have misunderstood.

So there is no limit? We can go on adding more devices as and when required by paying the extra charges per lot?
Is that right?

Currently PRO 1000 is the max plan. In general, when you reach 1k devices it’s probably would make sense for you switch to Business plan, as you’ll get more for relatively similar price.

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At this point PRO 1000 is the biggest plan available on Blynk if you don’t want to go Business (10,000 devices). But, as people mentioned here, you can have multiple accounts, each on a plan of your choice.

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It’s clear now. Thanks everyone!