Adding devices "broke" dashboard

Hello, I created a project using Arduino Pro Mini and Sim800L to connecto to Blynk, to monitor and act on a system. Project was finish, working well, receiving data from Arduino and sending button triggers back, so when it was time to replicate things stoped working.
1-I add more devices to the same dashboard, what gave me more tokens
2-I burn the same code on multiple Arduinos, just changing the token on each
3-Device selector appear on my dashboard as expected
4-Edit all widget source/target to Device Selector

What is happening:
-I can see when each device connects, thru the notification icon on the top of dashboard
-No data comes appears from any device
-No button triggers go back to the device
-Buttons that are set as switch are responding to touch as push

I try to force all widgets back to one specific device but also didn’t work. I didn’t try removing all other devices because there are on the field already.

Any ideas were I may be doing something wrong here?

Thank you

Found the problem, when I add more devices to the same dashboard it removed the association to all buttons and displays. As soon as I set again things went back to work.
How do I set this as solved?