Adding an averaging/median line in a super chart

I have a project for water depth detection in my water tank, and I use JSN-SR04T-2.0 module along with a esp8266. But due to the inherent errors in the above module I always get some noise in my water depth chart. I tried averaging (instantaneous average across a few samples) doesn’t help a lot. But if I can add a averaging/median line as a part of the super-chat it will be awesome as it covers a larger span of time. There could be more use-cases for this. Please do let me know if this can be added.


Development of the version of Blynk that you are using stopped more than 18 months ago, to allow the developers to focus on a new version.
That new version is currently only available to paying customers, and all new development/enhancements are driven by the needs of those customers.

Also, development tends to focus on adding functionality that isn’t through any other means, and this clearly doesn’t fit into that category.
As a result, it’s unlikely that this functionality will be developed, and if it is then it will probably only be available in the new version if/when that becomes available to non paying users.

I’d re-focus your efforts on developing a system to calculate an average using your preferred method (mean, median, mode, range etc), and maybe excluding outliers, and write that to a separate virtual pin. As one superchart can display data from up to 4 different virtual pins (datastreams) then it should be simple to display both the raw and the averaged data together if you wish.