Adding additional users

I’ve been trying to add additional users to my account. They never get the email invitation, and all I see on my end is [pending]. I’ve tried contacting Blynk, but they haven’t answered. Does anyone have a recommendation for me. Thank you

Get the users to check their junk mail folder.


Thanks, but it is not arriving there either. I have also had them try alternate emails, in the hope we might find it there. So far, we’ve tried and Gmail.

Have you tried setting-up an alternate email address for yourself, testing it by sending yourself an email, then sending an invitation to that email address?


I will try that later today. Thanks

Yes, it works with gmail but not optimum online.
They got “Welcome to Blynk console”.
I want these recipients to receive notifications only have I set something incorrectly?
Thanks for your help so far

I don’t really use email notifications (i assume that’s what you’re trying to do?) but I’m pretty sure that they need to be users on your system first before you can choose them to be an email notification recipient.

That means you’ll invite them to be users, they accept and get the “Welcome to Blynk console” message then you can choose them as email notification recipients in the event/notification screen or in automations.

But, I think it also depends on the type of subscription you have too.