Add two numbers and show in blynk app

i want two add two numbers using arduino ide and show the result in blynk.
how can i do it ?

Hey, you should definitely start here:
then here:

But answering directly, just use addition operator:

int x = 155;
int y = 323;
Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, x+y);

i need to show it in blynk,suppose using value display widget.i’ll need that token no. to paste in char auth[]=" " also.which libraries should i include ?
need the complete code.
can u plz send me. :slight_smile:
my arduino is connected via usb cable.


@Soubhik_Bhattacharya, Blynk is a great software, with plenty of possibilities, but to get started you MUST take some knowledge. Please, we can’t teach you how to pee!


U should have told i can’t help you.would have saved my time.
If i had time to acquire knowledge i wouldn’t have posted here,i could have done by my own.

Info about the Real Time Clock Widget can be found here…

As well as Timer Widget…

And your previously requested Display Widget…… which you can use in conjunction with the answer already provided to you by @marvin7 and the Blynk.virtualWrite() command.

Is there anything else we can get for you?

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